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    Inspiring primary school children to engage with the Christian faith and explore its beliefs and values
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    Partnering with churches to help them to contribute effectively to school communities
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    Building warm and professional relationships with headteachers and staff in the schools we visit


Since 1986 Spinnaker has been developing opportunities for children to engage with Christianity. We now operate in around 100 schools in London and the South East.

We have warm and professional relationships with headteachers and staff in the schools we visit. Our presence is a vital link between schools and local churches.

We write our own material. Much of it is freely available for you to access, use and adapt. Everything on this site is tried and tested. We know it works because we have used it ourselves.


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  • Phil 1:3-6 What a wonderful team we have! We are so thankful that, despite the challenges the team are stirred up and full of faith, pulling together, aiming to make a difference. #Thankful #InspireAGeneration #KeepLearning #ReligiousEducation #ChristianEducation

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  • The Spinnaker Team are devising new ways to encourage & support our schools, children and of course parents & carers with distance learning resources and reflections. We will keep you posted. #InspireAGeneration #KeepLearning #ReligiousEducation #ChristianEducation

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  • "It is a matter of doing what we can for children and schools in the current circumstances, support staff and volunteers and then see what happens". This is a quote from one of our amazing Trustees today. A big thank you to our Trustees and all our supporters. #ServingSchools

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  • We may not be able to visit schools at the moment but there is a lot we can do. Praying is one of them. This from one of our busiest team members: Dear Father, Please bring a sense of calm and peace to all… instagram.com/p/B982T4ypI0F/…

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  • We have such an amazing team! There are all so important– every one. Mike, our CEO, is particularly concerned that they all feel valued and reassured during these challenging times. We are making sure everyone has been contacted and working out how we can best support one another

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