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During the Covid-19 outbreak - What if we can make a difference in schools? We believe we can! And we believe it starts with prayer. Some of the Spinnaker Team have been putting in writing  the cries of their hearts as we pray for schools. Please join us. We hope these prayers below will inspire our hearts and stir our faith as we bless and build up our schools: the leaders, staff, children and families, bringing peace and hope in these challenging times.

23/02/2021: Lord, thank you for all who are involved in schools, in teaching and nurturing children – thank you for their devotion and priceless commitment to doing the best they can in these very difficult circumstances. Please draw alongside and encourage staff who feel that they haven’t adapted very well to the new ways of working. Lord, our hearts go out to homes of families which are particularly struggling with the restrictions. Please keep children safe from harm and enable teachers to be able to sense which families need extra support. We pray that the next few weeks would go smoothly with children being able to return to school, in a safe and practicable way. Thank you for your love for every one of us. Amen

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09/02/2021: Dear Father, we pray for all schools staff, children and parents as we approach half term this week. May they find renewed joy and peace. May they be encouraged in hope by the power of your Holy Spirit. May they be strengthened against weariness and feel themselves lifted up in your love and protection as we pray in Jesus name, Amen (Rom 5:13, Is 40:31, Jude 1:21)

02/02/2021: We pray for our teachers as they adapt to changing circumstances and the challenges of teaching on-line; we know it must be hard, and pray that they will find encouragement and new skills along the way. We also pray for parents who have become teachers during this period and pray for families as they live, work, play and learn together – may they find ways of getting the most of this experience. We pray that you will bring peace where there is stress, hope where there is discouragement and love to those who feel isolated. Amen

14/07/2020:  Lord God, as we come to the end of term we pray that you pour out your blessings on to teachers and pupils. Energy and strength to see through these last few days. Joy and friendship to end the year well, and say good farewells to each other as classes change, teachers move and Yr6s transition. Peace and resolve to rest well over the summertime. Foresight and discernment to be prepared for the next academic year. We also pray for parents who have had to take on the mantle of schooling at home - fill them with relief and give them space this summer. In Jesus name. Amen

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07/07/2020:  Dear God, Thank you for your love and care. Thank you that you know all about us and about how we feel. Today we particularly lift up to you all the Year Six Pupils who are in the last few weeks of term. We ask that you would bless them with good memories of primary school and help them as they prepare for a smooth transition to secondary school in September. For those who are feeling sad, disappointed or angry at missing out on the fun and excitement of plays, school journeys, friends and parties we pray that you, the God of HOPE, will fill them with JOY. For those who are fearful or frightened, surround them with your LOVE. For those who are worried, fill them with your PEACE, and for those who are sad or hurting we ask that you would comfort them and bring HEALING. Help us to TRUST in your unfailing love at all times. Amen

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30/06/2020:  Dear Father, We pray for our schools and the staff, teachers and children at this uncertain and confusing time. As they navigate a new way of doing school, a new way of teaching and learning and a new way of playing and socialising, we pray that you will look after their hearts and minds and they will know your peace which passes all understanding. We pray that our resources, and particularly our assemblies, will bring a sense of familiarity, some fun, an experience of faith and bring your light and hope into every situation. Amen

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23/06/2020:  Dear Father, We give thanks for all the teachers in our schools as they plan for those children who are attending school and also for those who are learning at home. They are working so hard to cope with this very different way of teaching and we ask for wisdom for them and also Head teachers who have so many difficult decisions to make. May they all know your peace and strength, physically and mentally. Help them to find the best ways of inspiring our youngsters and help them also to be able to reassure all their parents and pupils during these unusual times. We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen

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16/06/2020:  Dear God, This is a time of confusion for children, parents and teachers. Some are back at school, some would love to be, some are unable to be. There are children for whom home is a place of insecurity and even fear. Others are nervous about going back to school and will miss the security of home. We pray for wise decisions to be made for every child. In Your name Jesus we pray. Amen

‘So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows’. Matt 10:31

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08/06/2020:  Dear Father and God of truth and justice, we pray for all of us in the education system that we will able to understand the imperative of justice and equality. Help us to be brave to speak, brave to listen - and hear, brave to act and to keep acting in ways that will promote equality, healing, repentance, forgiveness and a determination to pursue justice, liberty and equal opportunity. In Your name Jesus we pray. Amen


01/06/2020:  Dear Father,  we pray for our schools today! We know that each school is different and that some children will be returning to school and others will not. We pray for peace and wisdom for the Heads, teachers, and parents as well as strength as the continue to adjust to changing demands. Bless the children Lord and keep them safe and calm and help them to adjust to the changes or strengthen them to accept that school is continuing from home for the time being. We pray Dear Lord, and thank you, for your provision, love and bright hope for the days ahead. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

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19/05/2020:  We ask You to bless All your dear Children, Lord! Keep them safe and well and help them to feel secure despite all the uncertainty of what will happen next. Help them to cope with home schooling too, and to remember that their parents are not teachers and may not have all the answers. Help them all to enjoy learning new things together! Please, especially, help the families where parents have the pressure of working from home themselves as well! You know, Lord, most of the children are missing their friends, the interaction with classmates and teaching staff, as well as the clubs they may have been attending. Help them to come to know you as their friend at this difficult time. Please be with those children still attending school because their parents are keyworkers. It must be strange for them, and for the staff that are in school, with 'social distancing' even in the playground! And for those parents who are keyworkers, having to take their children in, when perhaps their friends are safe at home. Please bless them and keep them all safe in the frontline! In everything, Lord, help them all to know Your love and peace, give patience to parents, and joy and blessings to each family. Amen

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11/05/2020:  Dear Lord, we ask You, especially, to be with and strengthen all Heads of schools as they manage the responsibilities and the changing circumstances they may face. Give them Your wisdom in the best ways to help both staff and children and supporting parents who are home schooling. And please be with these parents Lord. Some are enjoying this time of blessing with their children. We pray for strength and grace for those at home who are finding it difficult to cope, not only with the curriculum, but perhaps with sibling relationships and possible financial concerns as well. Please help them to access everything they need. We think especially of those parents coping alone, or in confined living spaces. Thank You that You care for them all. Amen

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04/05/2020:  Dear Lord, Thank you that You are always with us, even in these difficult times. Thank you for all the schools that Spinnaker would be visiting, help them to remember us and to know that we are still there for them, to support and encourage staff, parents and children, even if we cannot be there. Please be with all the teaching and support staff and everyone who would usually be at work in our schools. We know that they will be missing the interaction with the children and each other, help them to adjust to these changing circumstances. Amen

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27/04/2020:  Lord Jesus, You are our brother and our friend. In these days of the virus be close to us, here in our school. Bless the children, the teachers and all who work here. Protect us from harm and keep us safe. Look after our families Lord. Help us all to reach out to others with your hands Jesus, your eyes, your kindness and your love. Give us generous hearts Lord Jesus so that we can be you, in our schools and our homes each day. Amen.

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20/04/2020:  Lord Jesus, when you walked on this earth with us, you touched peoples hearts with the power of your healing love. In these days of the virus, we ask you to touch us again, touch our families, touch our schools and children and staff, touch or homes, touch our worry, touch our sadness and our grief. Fill us Lord, with faith that we may place all our trust in you and feel the gentle and powerful touch of your hope in our lives. Amen 

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30/03/2020:  Father we lift our schools and our children to you in the second week of closure. We lift the school leaders having to make difficult decisions. We pray for safety for staff and children as they work together. We pray for families cooped up together in an unprecedented way and for worries about resources jobs and salaries. Please remind us that you told us not to worry. Like for the birds of the air and the little sparrows you will care for us. Even the hairs on our heads are counted. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

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20/03/2020: Dear Father, Please bring a sense of calm and peace to all children and staff in schools. Help teachers who are tired at this time and would be looking forward to the Easter holiday to be able to give support to children and families who need it. We ask that these measures being taken will have a dramatic effect on the spread of the virus so that life will be able to return to normal before too long. We have talked a lot this term about children reading and we pray that children will continue to grow in their learning through reading and exploring at home. Amen.

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17/03/2020: Father we pray for those in leadership in our schools, for all teachers and schools staff, for the pupils and the parents and carers - for wisdom, peace, protection and provision during this unsettled time. May they know Your grace, strength and comfort. May we all work together to support, love and honour one another that hope, resilience and compassion may triumph. In Jesus name, Amen

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We believe whole heartedly in the value and power of prayer.

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Join our praying supporters to see the vision of Spinnaker Trust come to pass and for the goodness of God to be in all that we do.

Prayer for the team

As a team and as individuals we value your prayers as we seek to enhance Christian education in primary schools. We aim to provide high quality Christian input, following the curriculum set by the school's locally agreed syllabus. We appreciate prayer that we continue to get the content right, and can develop relationships built with schools and staff over many years.

Prayer for provision of people and finance

We are in constant demand from schools wanting to receive visits from Spinnaker. To meet these requests, we are always on the lookout for quality people to work with us in schools. Whether they are voluntary or paid, a growing team requires growing financial resources. Please pray that the needs are met with people and finances.

Prayer for your local schools

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Children, parents, teachers and support staff are all involved in making schools the places where our future is shaped. From many directions those in schools face pressure - whether it is to learn or to teach; to keep records or to balance the books, the pressure is there. Even if you know nothing about your local school, or the challenges they face, pray for them. You may like to see our adapted version of the Lord's prayer below – many have found this inspirational when praying for schools work

Keep informed 

If you would like to get our termly magazine, to help inform your prayers, do get in touch with the office. Also, if you know one of our team, or have a particular interest in an area where we work, ask for the area newsletters to keep you up to date.








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The Lord's Prayer (adapted)

You are Our Father in heavenYou are so great that we cry hallowed be your name

We long to see Your Kingdom come in our schools.

We ask that your will be done, on earth in classrooms and school halls, just as in heaven.

We ask for your resources, please give us today our daily breadequip us to feed the hearts and minds of this generation. 

Forgive us our sins, for the times we have looked away and not seen the need.

May we teach children about Your forgiveness as we forgive those who sin against us.

We ask that you would lead us not into temptation of complacency,

where we ignore the opportunities we have to engage with this generation.

We understand it is too easy to show a poor example, but deliver us from evil so that we will show them Your grace,

and share hope for their future. Because, our vision is for the kingdom,

and we ask they might see that the power and the glory are Yours.

We ask that in our lifetime, a revival amongst this generation will be a reality, both for now and for ever. Amen.