Church Support

At Spinnaker, we are delighted that we already have around 150 active partnerships with churches and Christian organisations, working together with us to serve their local primary school communities.

We have over 30 years of experience in building professional and supportive relationships with shcools. We are able to work in partnership with churches to develop important links which serve and support the wonderful work done by the teachers, Heads and school support staff in our communities. If you are interested in partnering with us please do get in touch because there is always room for more!

Here's what some of our partners are saying:

  • St Wilfrid's, Eastbourne

    St Wilfrid's, Eastbourne

    Richard Herkes

    Assistant Minister, St Wilfrid’s, Lower Willingdon, Eastbourne

    We are so pleased to support a local mission that has this rare privilege of being able to share Jesus and the Bible with the rising generation; not forgetting the priceless bridge-building they do on the church’s behalf as they support teachers who have to tread the minefield that is religious education today.

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  • Orpington Baptist Church

    Orpington Baptist Church

    Martyn Travers

    Senior Minister, Orpington Baptist Church

    As Senior Minister of Orpington Baptist Church I have always been excited by the partnership we share with Spinnaker. Our Children & Family Worker David Jones is also one of the Spinnaker Schools team helping to reinforce our work together in reaching out to the community. For OBC our O not only stands for Orpington but also in our vision to be Outward looking. Thank you to Spinnaker for helping us be just that in touching the lives of hundreds of children across many different Schools.

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  • Churches Together in Epsom

    Churches Together in Epsom

    Revd Dr Mike Thorne

    Senior Minister, Espom Baptist Church and Spokesperson for Churches Together in Epsom

    Spinnaker has been the catalyst that has helped our local church communities to engage and invest in our local primary schools. It has united us in common purpose and despite our different traditions, has brought us closer together as we work at sowing the seeds of Good News to children who have little, if any, knowledge of the Christian story. It is a real partnership, and feels like a true expression of the body of Christ working together for the good of the communities we serve.

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