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Helping primary schools engage with Christianity

Since 1986 we’ve supported primary schools with assemblies, clubs and RE lessons. We are linked with nearly 100 schools in South London and the South East.

We have warm and professional relationships with headteachers and staff in the schools we visit. Our presence is a vital link between schools and local churches.

We write our own material. Much of it is freely available for you to access, use and adapt. Everything on this site is tried and tested. We know it works because we have used it ourselves.

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Featured resources

The Empty Box

Empty tomb

Our featured Easter Assembly resource is taken from a series in which we use various storytelling techniques and visual aids to bring the stories of Jesus to life. Our method is not to re-write stories into modern settings, but to fuel our listener’s imaginations and reflections with word and picture. This, 'the Empty Box' story works well as part of hte series or as a stand alone assembly. Spinnaker’s teams have used many of these ideas time and again, so we know that children have gained both knowledge and understanding through these stories. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

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Local Focus News

A new exciting initiative from Spinnaker is to share the news of what we are doing and where we are doing it in a series of 'Local Focus' newsletters. We will be paying particular attention to each of our local hubs at varioius points during the year. See below for the latest editions...

January 2018. Local Focus: Beckenham & Penge

Spring 2018. Local Focus: Worthing


Get Involved

Demand for Spinnaker's input has always outweighed our resources.  If you have something to offer Spinnaker as a volunteer, come and have a chat.

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What we’re thinking – team blogs

Be fully engaged & fully inspired! (you & the children!)

The best feeling I get when about to lead an assembly is to see excitement and expectation on children’s faces as they come into the school hall and see me there. Some, just give a small smile as they parade past me. Others approach desperately asking to take part - whether holding a prop, acting out the Bible Story, reading, or answering questions. Children love to be involved.
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Joining the Spinnaker team

Gill Ashley-Smith interviews Rachel Swaby

Rachel, how have you found it to join Spinnaker for work in schools?

It’s been a good experience. As it turned out, the induction was a long one because other teaching commitments meant I wasn’t able to start Spinnaker work for several months, but the office team, Clare, Steve and Caroline have been very supportive and helpful. I came to the recent team meeting for schools workers, and everyone seemed enthusiastic, and they were friendly and welcoming.
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Blackboards to retina scanners – schools are changing – is Spinnaker changing too?

Magasine Cover JPEG

When I first began working with Spinnaker in 1997, blackboards were still a common site in schools, but most classrooms were embracing a new technology… the whiteboard!  They were clean, bright and when a good quality pen was used on them, they gave an excellent writing experience for the teacher compared with the dusty chalk of the preceding 200 years. 

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"What are you making?"

“What are you making?” a friend asked when she returned to find her living room floor covered with newspaper, modelling material  and masking tape. 

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