Helping primary schools engage with Christianity

Since 1986 we’ve supported primary schools with assemblies, clubs and RE lessons. We are linked with nearly 100 schools in South London and the South East.

We have warm and professional relationships with headteachers and staff in the schools we visit. Our presence is a vital link between schools and local churches.

We write our own material. Much of it is freely available for you to access, use and adapt. Everything on this site is tried and tested. We know it works because we have used it ourselves.

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Old Stories for Young Minds

These are old stories in every sense. They are all from the Old Testament of the Bible, written 2,500 to 3,500 years ago. Many of them are about older people, with Abraham for example being 75 at the time when God first sends him off on his journey.

Get Involved

Demand for Spinnaker's input has always outweighed our resources.  If you have something to offer Spinnaker as a volunteer, come and have a chat.

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What we’re thinking – team blogs

Sowing Seed

On holiday over the summer, we took a borrowed campervan, our bikes and spent much of our time cycling alongside French canals and visiting coffee shops! France definitely (from my limited geographical research) has the best coffee shops in all the world. One particular coffee shop in Saulieu in the Dordogne region of France was simply wonderful!

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Time and Space

Perhaps it is a result of too much Sci-Fi, but the expression ‘time and space’ tried to capture the unlimited size and scope of the universe. However, in our real world, both are limited. Both sought after. Both somewhat fundamental for life.

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Hot topic

Daily news reports remind us that we live in challenging times. We are facing big issues and religious faith is a very hot topic.

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The answer is always Jesus

Since its start in 1986, Spinnaker has seen and gone through many changes. From one man and a van going around schools in Lambeth, we now have a team of 50 or so visiting more that 100 schools — some once a fortnight for nearly 20 years.

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