SMSC Resources

The resources below, produced by Spinnaker Trust, can be used to achieve good SMSC learning outcomes. Please note that some material is written from a more ‘distinctively Christian’ perspective, the Christmas assemblies in particular.

  • Wellbeing Wednesdays. Here you will find a range of fun, reflective resources to calm and encourage during the school day - whether that is in a classroom or at home. Collated by Rachel, one or our Schools Team Managers, these resources are intended to help you wherever and whenever works for you, to bring you and your child/children a time of peace and inner strength. The tool has been prepared with KS1&2 (infants and juniors) in mind. Each of the themes have been inspired by a Bible verse. These resources are intended to empower, nurture and promote personal growth which contributes to an overall feeling of wellbeing. It is our desire that they will help to bring hope and light into each of our lives.
  • Amazing Assemblies. This series of assembly packs is being updated termly and includes Amazing Animals, Amazing People and , Amazing Places. Each pack contains awesome facts to pique the children's interest. Each session will focus on a specific value, theme or keyword and cover many of the spiritual, moral and cultural aspects of the SMSC guidelines. Themes include: learning not to worry, peace, change, awe, hope, patience, faith, courage and so much more. We think you will find them well worth a look. Full assembly plans and additional resources are being uploaded to our assemblies resource page throughout the term.
  • Our Key Ideas pack focuses on freedom and responsibility
  • Free Time and Free Time 2 look at what it means to have a 'rich and satisfying life' according to some Christians
  • Beneath the Flag explores British values and the influence of Christian individuals