We support primary schools with assemblies, clubs and RE lessons. We are linked with schools in and around South London and the South East of England.  

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Since its start in 1986, Spinnaker has seen and gone through many changes. From one man and a van going around schools in Lambeth, we now have a team of 50 or so visiting schools in many different locations. We will keep changing too, and developing, in order to remain supportive and encouraging as society and, therefore education, changes and develops.  

Spinnaker’s vision is to inspire this generation of primary school children to engage with the Christian faith and explore its values. It is important to Spinnaker that we work in partnership and our aim is to equip and resource churches to enable them to get involved with their local schools.

We have warm and professional relationships with headteachers and staff in the schools we visit. Our presence is a vital link between schools and local churches.

We write our own material. Much of it is freely available for you to access, use and adapt. Everything on this site is tried and tested. We know it works because we have used it ourselves.

Our team members talk passionately about their time in schools. They love what they do, they love the schools they visit and they love inspiring children. With wisdom and sensitivity to each school’s cultural ethos, assemblies and lessons are delivered with humility and inclusiveness, as we explore the stories in the Bible and how they can help our everyday lives. We create space for school children to think through for themselves some of the big questions about God, whether He is there and what He is like.

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