Where does Spinnaker work?


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Spinnaker works in South-East England, particularly in South London, but also in Kent (Ashford), Surrey (Epsom) and East and West Sussex (Eastbourne and Worthing).  Click here for a map showing the areas where we work.

We organise our team into a network of local 'hubs'.

In each area where members of the Spinnaker team work in schools, we aim to link up with local churches and schools by means of a hub.  A hub consists of:

  • One or more Spinnaker schools workers - members of the local community wherever possible
  • Representatives from local churches - often ministers who are already involved in schools as visitors or governors
  • Sometimes representatives from local schools

Each hub meets regularly to pray for local schools, and discuss the work in the area.  Hub newsletters are also produced to keep people up to date with the work in the area.  Sometimes hubs organise locally based training for schools workers, church workers, teachers etc.  There are also local prayer events at times to encourage Christians in the area to pray for their local schools.


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