Joining the Spinnaker team


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Gill Ashley-Smith interviews Rachel Swaby

Rachel, how have you found it to join Spinnaker for work in schools?

It’s been a good experience. As it turned out, the induction was a long one because other teaching commitments meant I wasn’t able to start Spinnaker work for several months, but the office team, Clare, Steve and Caroline have been very supportive and helpful. I came to the recent team meeting for schools workers, and everyone seemed enthusiastic, and they were friendly and welcoming.

You started schools visits this term. Is it different going in as a Spinnaker worker, rather than as a school teacher?

Rachel Swaby

When I go to take an assembly the responsibility is different, as others are in charge. It is refreshing not to have the teacher hat. I get to enjoy it, and the children have shown appreciation – they are engaged, want to put their hands up and take part.  I found the Spinnaker resources crucial, especially as a beginner. They meet the need for assemblies to get the message across.

Are you hoping to also do some RE lesson work for Spinnaker?

Yes I would like to, maybe next term. In the past, teaching RE was one of my favourite subjects. You can get the children asking questions, thinking, and having good discussions. I’m hoping to increase and develop my work as part of the Spinnaker team.