Be fully engaged & fully inspired! (you & the children!)


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The best feeling I get when about to lead an assembly is to see excitement and expectation on children’s faces as they come into the school hall and see me there. Some, just give a small smile as they parade past me. Others approach desperately asking to take part - whether holding a prop, acting out the Bible Story, reading, or answering questions. Children love to be involved.
I thoroughly enjoy leading assemblies, in fact I love it. I have fun. I enjoy sharing aspects of my Katiefaith through telling Bible Stories in different ways, and I love to engage the children with Christianity.  I believe they can catch a glimmer of my passion for learning more about God, and how He can be relevant in our lives today.

Of course, this relationship with the school, its staff and pupils can only be built up over time. As children have got to know me, they have learnt to trust that I will not embarrass them, only encourage and thank them for their participation and put them at ease as we work together. Do I get nervous? Yes always! But I can be confident knowing that the children and school want me  there, that I have prepared to the best of my ability, and that God is with me!

Spinnaker Assembly packs are easy to use and I particularly like the fact that each term’s assemblies are linked to a theme. The current pack is ‘Key Ideas’ – Bible Stories relating to keywords … Trust, Responsibility, Freedom etc. It’s good to test the children’s memories from previous assemblies and for them to anticipate what will happen next. I never fail to be amazed at how much they remember!

It’s hard to choose the best assembly that I’ve been involved with, as many have memorable moments, but one that stands out for me, which used a different method of Story Telling from usual, was The Story of Gideon. “I can’t do that” Gideon kept saying. “Yes, you can!” said God.

I started by asking children if they were good at drawing. From those who said ‘no’ I invited two volunteers to come out and learn how to draw a cartoon character on a whiteboard.

With help and instruction, they drew a simple character who became ‘Gideon’ for our Bible Story. I then told the story using the whiteboard, drawing each part of the story using simple pictures. The children were fascinated, totally engaged, you could hear a pin drop. Gideon didn’t think he’d ever be able to defeat the Midianites but with God’s help and instruction he did! Just like our two volunteers.

I wonder what things we think we can’t do, but with help from others, and God, and with clear instructions we can do all sorts of things … including leading collective worship!