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We see training as a vital part of our support for team members and others involved in schools. As a new member comes into the Spinnaker schools team, they complete a series of induction training modules. Throughout the year we provide a programme of in service training and mentoring for our team.

This is all based on a list of competencies we have developed to ensure that our team are equipped in knowledge of education, practical skills and personal spiritual development.  Some of this training is provided centrally, and some is delivered locally.  All training is overseen by our training manager, Glenis Ruston.

Raising the bar – Spinnaker's Competencies

In discussion with other organisations involved in schools, we have developed a series of competencies. This is a series of statements that we believe cover most areas of schools ministry.

Each individual is encouraged to strive towards developing each of these competencies, with the understanding that however experienced and competent we are, there is always room for development. We use the strapline 'raising the bar' in relation to our training programme because it encompasses our approach of ongoing development and improvement.

The competencies cover the following development areas:

  • Personal faith, calling and life style
  • Knowledge of child development
  • Understanding of good practice
  • Knowledge of education
  • Classroom skills
  • People skills – relating to teachers, school children and their parents
  • Collective worship
  • Theological and strategic knowledge

Induction and mentoring

Before any new team member is able to work independently in a school setting, we ensure that they have completed a series of induction modules, based on the competencies. Wherever possible this is done within a group setting. Team members are then placed in a locally based team for ongoing support and mentoring.

We aim to give opportunities for team members to support and encourage each other, as well as providing mentoring from an experienced member of the team, usually the hub leader.

If you would like to know more about the way we train our team, or would like to see the full competencies list, please get in touch with us.


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