Lambert and the Star


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Theme:  Discovering Christmas. As a lost sheep stumbles across a special birth, what special things can we discover this Christmas?

Story (Bible Reference): A fictional story based on the Nativity.

Key Stage Relevance:  KS1 & KS2 – But particularly suitable for KS1.



Have the first slide on screen as the children arrive.

Launch straight into the story. 

Lambert and the star

(Read along to corresponding pictures on PowerPoint)

1. Have you heard the one about the lost sheep? Lambert hadn’t! If he had, he may have been a bit more careful about going off on his own, especially at night!

2. You see, Lambert loved the stars. Every night he would watch as they twinkled, thinking big questions for a little lamb. “I wonder who made them? I wonder what they are made of? I wonder how long they have been there?” They seemed to have been there forever.

3. On the night in question, Lambert went out with his binoculars, and walked, looking up at the night sky, and not really thinking about where he was going, or how far he had gone. Not 

such a clever thing to do, because by the time he got back, he was all alone!

4. Where was his family? 

5. Where were the shepherds? They never left the hillside. (You could pause here and ask where they have gone.)

6. Lambert wandered around, calling out, looking out…

7. …Looking out, calling out! 

8. Where were they? As you have by now discovered, Lambert was not a wise lamb, but he did know about the stars. So, when a bright new star appeared in the sky you can imagine how surprised he was, especially when it began to move! 

9. “A new star! That’s never happened before!” he said to himself. And before long, Lambert had forgotten he was lost and had begun to follow the star. 

10. The star seemed to be hovering over the nearby town. “How odd!” he thought. “First it moved, then it hovered! I must get closer!” he said.

11. And closer he got.

12. As Lambert approached the town, on the horizon he could see a group of three strange animals with humps. Of course, you and I know they were camels but Lambert had never seen a camel before. “I wonder where they are going?” thought Lambert. 

13. Lambert kept moving forward, towards the star. Into the town he went. He’d never been in a town before. It was full of buildings and people! One of the building seemed to be full of the most wonderful light. 

14. Lambert then saw where the star was resting, over a stable, the one filled with light. As he reached the door he heard familiar sounds. “My family! The shepherds!” said Lambert "What are they doing here?”. And Lambert peeped around the door. 

15. Inside, was an incredible scene. People, sheep, and all kinds of other animals were all gathered round a feeding box. There, laying on top of someone’s dinner (hay to you and me), was a baby. 

“His name is Jesus” the lady whispered. There was a breath-taking atmosphere in that stable, like nothing Lambert had encountered before. 

Like a bit of Heaven was now on Earth. 

And Lambert liked it… a lot.

Main Content:

Lead a discussion about aspects of the story, using questions that lead into reflection on the Christmas story. You may want to use some, but not all of the following examples:

* I wonder what we can learn from this story? 

* Lambert went off on his own at night. What do you think would have been a more sensible thing to do? What should he have done when he realised he was lost?

* Lambert loved the stars and wondered how they got there. How do you think the stars came to be in the sky? What do you like about the stars?

* Where had his family and the shepherds gone? Does anyone know how the shepherds knew the baby had been born?

* A bright, new star appeared in the sky. How do you think that got there? Who may have put it there?

* In our story Lambert follows the star, but in the real Christmas story, who is it that follows the star? 

* It’s not mentioned in the Bible story of Christmas, but in our story the stable is filled with light. Where do you think that light may have been coming from? (Jesus?, Angels? A lamp?)

* We have said there was a ‘breath-taking’ atmosphere in that stable. Why do you think that was? What do you think we meant when we said, ‘Like a bit of Heaven was now on Earth.’? 

* Lambert made an amazing discovery by accident that night. I wonder what you will discover this Christmas?


Play some instrumental Christmas music while the children reflect on today’s assembly. I wonder what you will discover this Christmas?


(If appropriate)

Dear God; We thank you for the Christmas story which we can encounter in so many different ways. As we enjoy all of the fun parts of Christmas, help us to discover something special, beyond the presents and the food. Amen