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Theme: How special is our world. Christians believe it was, and is, a gift from God.

The world is just a part of God’s creativity and a very small expression of his love for humanity.

Key words/themes: Giving, Love, ‘It’s the thought that counts’, Being a really good friend

Introduction: Can you think of anything that represents something much bigger?

Show them a small gift wrapped up. Whilst the gift is important/special – its what it represents that is important ..the label reads “with all my love”. Surely this small box does not represent ALL this persons love does it? Is this how much they love me? Of course not.

So – we introduce the idea that the important thing is not the value of a gift – but the thought that counts.

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A. Story of the wedding ring. Mike, the husband exchanged rings with his wife on their wedding day. The ring he gave her was beautiful – but not as beautiful as he thought she looked! He asked the man in the shop to check that it had a hallmark so he knew it really was gold.

It was after 6 years – early one evening – his wife Beth was pregnant, expecting their first child, and Beth had taken her ring off and put it on a small chain around here neck because her fingers had swollen up a bit.

Mike noticed that Beth had left the ring by the side of the sink in the bathroom. He picked it up – remembering the day he gave it to her – their wedding day. He was dreaming away when he looked inside the ring. No markings. No hall mark. It wasn’t a special as he thought.

Should he tell her? Or pretend he hadn’t seen it? He remembered the words he said when they got married: “This ring a token of my love.” He made a promise. He wondered if - just as the ring was not so special - did this make his marriage less special?

“Of course not!” hugged Beth later that night after Mike had summoned up the courage to tell her.

“Shall I buy you another one?” asked Mike

“Why? I married you, not the ring. Besides – I like this ring – but it could never begin to explain how much I love you or how much I know you love me!”

Knowing it to be something other that she was lead to believe, is the bride offended? Does she unmarry him for keeping a secret?


Maybe creation was designed with a built-in secret. Could humanity cope if we knew all the details? If we knew how many stars there were, how many years ago God made it all, or how many species of a particular animal there were, would it change how we love Him? How much do we need to know? Is this a recipe for ignorance being bliss and our refusal to find out more about God’s world?

Maybe God knew what we needed to know - and showed us just that - all that we needed to know.

Maybe this world is just a token of what God feels for humanity. This assembly is part of the Assembly pack for KS2 “It’s God’s World”

Pupils' response

Christians believe that the world is not all that God wants to give humanity - it is a token - a bit like a wedding, engagement of eternity ring. The ring is just a gift - a part of what the giver feels. It is also for life - a wedding ring is for life - not just the wedding day. And although the earth is very old - it has lost none of it’s value - at least - God still loves it and us. However, it’s how we think of it and what we do with it that counts. It is the thought that counts.

This assembly is part of the Assembly pack for KS2 “It’s God’s World”