Assembly 8: Christmas Jars


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Value/Theme:  Love. We can pour out love to those around us at Christmas time. 

Story (Bible reference): The Christmas story (Luke 2)

Key Stage Relevance:  KS1 & KS2


  • Empty jam jars
  • Examples of jars filled as gifts
  • PowerPoint


It is that time of year again when many people are thinking about what to get each other for Christmas. Some of the presents we would like to get people cost a lot of money. However, a gift can be very cheap, or even free.

Have you ever thought about filling a jar with something and making it as a present? You can just find an empty jam jar, soak the label off and fill it up. Once full you can cover the top with an offcut of wrapping paper and make a nice label by cutting up an old Christmas card. You can finish it off with a bit of ribbon, that could be off of last year’s presents.

What could you put in it that is cheap or free? Some sweets – which could even be home made, or some stationery items (paper clips, pens, rubber bands etc.). Some people make jams. Another thing could be to save up Happy Meal toys and put them in jars. What else can you think of?

What we can do is take something that doesn’t look very special – a jar, and turn it into something very special. We can remove the boring old label, and replace it with a fancy label that looks special, even though it may not have cost anything.

Main Content:

Christmas story: 

(Use a short, children’s version of the Christmas story, or show a short video.)

Some things about this story seem a bit strange. A baby born in a stable?! And in an animal feeding trough!? This does not sound like a place for the birth of a special baby -  quite the opposite! 

And the baby himself probably didn’t look very special. He still had 2 arms and legs. He still got hungry and still needed his nappy changed, just like any other baby! The packaging and the label didn’t look that special!

One of Jesus’ friends wrote this many years later. “Jesus was born because God wanted him born and he lived as a person among people. But we have seen God’s wonderful character in him because Jesus was full of grace and truth.” (John 1:14 Paraphrased)

So the Christmas story is about a baby being born – a very special baby. He looked like any other little baby boy – except he was crammed full of love, care, hope, kindness... all wonderful things.


(Show a picture of the BFG with dreams in jars) Does anyone know what story this is from? You may have seen the film which came out in 2016. 

And does anyone know what is in the jars? The BFG catches dreams in jars and then goes around in the night time blowing them into children’s ears as they sleep. (It’s not real by the way!)

If you could fill a jar with a dream or a wish... or perhaps a prayer for someone else – what would it be?

  • Health for someone not too well?  
  • Help for someone not coping at the moment?
  • Comfort for someone who is scared of what’s ahead? 

Someone else in the Bible wrote this: “We can have treasure in our lives like jars so that we can show God’s love to those around us.” (2 Corinthians 2:7)

I wonder if we can be like a jar this Christmas, ready to pour out love to those around us?