Assembly 1: Free Time


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Value/Theme:  Rest. Having free time, and using it to rest and do activities we enjoy is important. 

Story (Bible reference): Verses about the Sabbath/rest

Key Stage Relevance:  KS1 & KS2


  • Free Time – Either on big cards/foam boards, or on screen. It is worth having them on separate boards so they can be seen separately or together.
  • PowerPoint with images of children enjoying free time activities.


(Briefly introduce yourself to the school if someone has not already done so. Remember that even in a school you have visited for years there will be new children and staff who do not know you or why you are there. It may be their first ever assembly with a religious theme. You could say something like; “I am a Christian and I go to church. I am here so you can learn a bit more about people like me, and about what many Christian people do and what they believe.” If you are part of the Spinnaker team, it’s worth mentioning that as some new members of staff may have come across Spinnaker in previous places.)

I wonder what you did over the school holidays. (You might like to show one or two pictures of your Autumn.)

(If you have time, you could demonstrate the idea of a work-life balance, using a ruler and hanging some tags on it, or a child standing with their arms out like a balance.)

Here we are at the beginning of a new school year. Many of you have new class rooms and new teachers. You all have loads of exciting new things to learn and do. Maths, English, Science, PE (Hang tags for all of these on one end of the balance). But, what things are we going to put on the other end to make our lives a bit more balanced? You may have heard of adults talking about a work-life balance.

Show the words Free Time. What does it mean? (Get suggestions)

How about if we split it down? 

What do we mean by the word free? (Get suggestions)

What do we mean by the word time? (Get suggestions)

How can we free time?... is it a prisoner? (Rhetorical)

Main Content:

In lots of places there are laws about having days off and what you can and can’t do on them. Here is a little quiz about what you can and can’t do on Sundays in some parts of the world. See if you can guess the missing words. Some of them are a bit unusual. (Take 1 or 2 guesses then tell them the answer. Make sure you don’t take too long over this, and make it clear that there could be many answers, so it’s purely a guess.)

  • In the Netherlands all the ………….. are shut on Sundays. ‘shops’ 
  • In France lorries are not allowed to be ……………… on Sundays. ‘driven’  
  • In Texas you can’t ……………………………………… on Sundays. ‘go fishing for salmon’ 
  • In Switzerland it’s illegal to ……………………………….. on a Sunday. ‘hang out your washing’

Laws like that may sound silly but a lot of them have their roots in the very first chapter of the Bible where God had a day of rest. In the Bible there are lots of sayings (known as verses) about time off being important. Many Christians around the world use these verses to remind them about how important it is to rest. Here are a few of them:

‘So God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it God rested from all his work that he had done in creation.’ Genesis 2:3 NIV

 'You and your family are to remember the Sabbath Day; set it apart, and keep it holy. You have six days to do all your work, but the seventh day is to be different;’  Exodus 20:8-10 The Voice

‘My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.’ Exodus 33:14 NIV

‘Come to me, all of you who are tired and have heavy loads, and I will give you rest.’ Matthew 11:28 NCV

We all get free time, time we have to ourselves. And it is up to each of us to use that how we think is best. Perhaps some of that time will be sleeping, some watching YouTube, some playing computer games. But there are so many other great things we could be doing with our free time as well. This term we are going to have a look at some of those things. They’re all free to do, or very cheap and need very little equipment. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to give some of them a go.

What kind of things do you think we might have in our series? (Get ideas from the children. You may like to write them up on a whiteboard/flip chart if you have access to one, or have someone typing them up on a screen.)


(If you have access to a screen, show some images of children enjoying various free time activities set to music. If not, simply play some music and give children an opportunity to reflect.)

During the next couple of minutes, you might like think about something you love doing with your free time that you have not done for a while. Perhaps you can find some time in an evening or at the weekend to do it again.

You might like to think about God during this time and remember those verses about him wanting us all to enjoy some rest.

If you are feeling tired and like you are carrying a heavy load, or if you know someone who is, you might like to pray to God and ask him to give you/them rest.