The greatest designer


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Theme: We try and create things, design and produce things that are so wonderful, but the greatest Creator and Designer in the world is…….. ? Key words/themes: Creation, Design, Being pleased for someone’s achievements


List/have foods to show and get children to guess when they were invented

  • Popcorn 3,000BC
  • Croissants 1683
  • Potato Crisps 1853
  • Chewing gum 1875
  • Corn flakes 1894
  • Hamburger 1902
  • Fish fingers 1929
  • Instant coffee 1909
  • Coca-Cola 1885
  • Pepsi - Cola 1898

    Main Content

    (credit to Gordon Raggett, CRIBS) Have a Coke Can, Banana, Apple ready to use as visual aids…

Coke Can - It took a team of people and cost thousands of pounds to come up with the right packaging for this Coke can! When the drink is finished what happens to it? Either thrown away or re-cycled.

Banana - grows naturally, packaging come free, just the right angle to go into your mouth, just right to hold in your hand. It even has it's own 'sell by date' built in - skin! When finished, the skin can be put into the ground to help fertilise the earth for more bananas to grow.

Apple - In it's own packaging that can be eaten! Just right for holding in your hand - and when it's finished, has the means in the pips to grow more apples!

We try and create things, design packaging (Coke Can), make things look wonderful but just by looking at these examples who do you consider to be the greatest creator?

As a Christian I believe we can't compete with God - He is the best designer/creator of this world.

Pupils' response

Hold up Banana, Apple perhaps other examples of food - onion cut in half, slice of water melon etc etc…

Encourage children to think about how amazing these things are. Prayer: Dear God, Thank you that people are able to design such wonderful products and packaging.

Help us to be proud of their achievements. Thank you also for the even more wonderful things around us that you have created. Help us to be thankful and proud of your achievements. Amen