Seagulls - Changing with the times!


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Theme: There is much debate about Evolution and Creation - but if we look closely at God's plan of creation it seems that he made things to change and move with the times!

Key words/themes: Adaptation, Creation, Being influenced by those around us, Being a good influence, Getting on and falling out


Have a series of objects that, over history have changed: e.g. telephones, cameras. (Charity shops, or scrounging from family/friends may be a good idea here!) Show the children how these items have developed over the years to the current model.

Throughout history this happened - men and women have experimented and designs have changed in order to make even better designs. Amazingly enough that appears to happen in nature too………….

Main Content:

If you head to any British beach you will find seagulls. A lot of people have stories of times when seagulls have done or funny or scary things. Ask if anyone has had seagulls steal their lunch, or do anything else to them!

There are lots of different types or species of seagull. Two common gulls in Britain are the Herring Gull and Lesser Black-Backed Gull. The Herring Gull has a much lighter colour than the Lesser Black-Backed Gull and is much bigger. Although they look quite similar, in Britain they are distinct/separate species. (See attached pictures)

These seagulls are found all around the Northern Hemisphere (the top half of the world – perhaps you could show this on a globe). If you were to go around the world from east to west (towards America), you would find that the herring gulls gradually get darker and smaller. Eventually, when you get to Britain again, the Herring Gulls have become Lesser-Black Backed Gulls.

Some people would say that this shows how animals can change over time by a process called Natural Selection. If this is true, Christians believe that it is God who gave them the ability to change. It’s not just animals and plants that change to suit their environment, but we too are moulded by our experiences. A child that grows up in the city, is likely to have quite a different outlook on life to a child that grows up in the country.

For example, if you were to live in the city you would be used to the sound of traffic and living close to people, whereas a country dweller would be more used to having muddy feet and the smells of animals.

Christians believe God made us able to adapt to our surroundings, but we must be careful about how much we let the people around us influence us.

If you have a friend who is miserable and complains about everything, don’t let that get you down. If you have a friend who is nasty to others, don’t copy them and be nasty too. It’s much better to try to influence others in a positive way. Be happy and speak to people in a nice way, even if they are not being particularly nice to you, and hopefully they will start to feel happier too.

Pupils' response

Quote from Revd Charles Kingsley (Queen Victoria's Chaplain) "We know that God was so wise that he could make all things - but he is so much wiser even than that, he can make all things make themselves."

Some questions to think about………….What about us? Do we change? How? Prayer: Dear God, Thank you that creatures can adapt and change to fit into their environments. We pray that you would help us no to be influenced by the unhelpful people around us. Instead help us to be a good influence on those around us. Amen.