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We believe whole heartedly in the value and power of prayer. Join our praying supporters to see the vision of Spinnaker Trust come to pass and for the goodness of God to be in all that we do.

Prayer for the team

As a team and as individuals we value your prayers as we seek to enhance Christian education in primary schools. We aim to provide high quality Christian input, following the curriculum set by the school's local agreed syllabus. We appreciate prayer that we continue to get the content right, and can develop relationships built with schools and staff over many years.

Prayer for provision of people and finance

We are in constant demand from schools wanting to receive visits from Spinnaker. To meet these requests, we are always on the lookout for quality people to work with us in schools. Whether they are voluntary or paid, a growing team requires growing financial resources. Please pray that the needs are met with people and finances.

Prayer for your local schools

Children, parents, teachers and support staff are all involved in making schools the places where our future is shaped. From many directions those in schools face pressure - whether it is to learn or to teach; to keep records or to balance the books, the pressure is there. Even if you know nothing about your local school, or the challenges they face, pray for them.

Keep informed

If you would like to get our termly magazine, to help inform your prayers, do get in touch with the office. Also, if you know one of our team, or have a particular interest in an area where we work, ask for the area newsletters to keep you up to date.


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